Friday, May 30, 2014


Ares god of war


                             Ares the god of war and holder of remarkable strength and power. Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera the king and queen of the gods. Ares is ruthless,powerful,and vigorous. Did you know that Ares was the first Greek god to be tried on the hill of Areopogas the highest council in Greece. This is because the Greek god Poseidon accused Ares of killing his son Alirrothios, because Alirrothios tried to rape Ares's daughter Alkippe. The month March was named in honor of Ares. Ares's roman name is Mars so it kind of connects to the world. War dances were held during that period. What makes this god powerful is he is determined and fearless. Ares was not respected by most gods and not liked.


                               This is my favorite god and I choose Ares to blog about because he is dangerous and fearless.  This is my favorite god because he is very daring and is very determined. I would fear this god because he is ruthless and can turn his head against anybody. This gods greatest strength is he is decisive, determined, and fearless. His greatest weakness is impulsive, bloodthirsty, and wants to fight regardless of the consequences. 


                                 So do you guys understand Ares a little bit more? Do you guys know any more facts about Ares?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Does Hand Sanitizer Work?


                                   ''Honey take your hand sanitizer before you eat your food.'' Have you ever heard that saying in your life? Well are you thinking does it really help clean all the deadly germs on your hands? Does it really work? The answer is simply yes. Although, it does work scientist still recommend that you use soap and water and use sanitizer as an alternative. Even though, hand sanitizer is more effective there are many factors that can effect how well the hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer comes in multiple varieties, including,gels,foams and liquids. They don't need any other material to put on your hands when used like water. Most hand sanitizers feature a alcohol-based active ingredient,such as ethanol or isopropanol.They may also contain an inactive ingredients,including thickening agents,glycerin,essential oils, and fragrances. At some hand sanitizers it says it kills 99.99% of germs.Are they lying? Scientists have tested and concluded it does kill most of all germs in inanimate surfaces.Well,before we start listing the negatives of hand sanitizer you need to learn they work by removing the outer layer of oil on your skin. If you don't put enough of sanitizer or don't rub it throughly then the sanitizer will kill less than 99.9% of germs. Also,if your hand are very dirty or greasy most likely it won't be as effective. Further more, if your hand sanitizer does not contain more than 60% of alcohol. Then it will kill less amount of germs. Researchers also claim that the germs hand sanitizer kills aren't the ones that make you sick.Although, it makes your hands cleaner it doesn't protect you from illness. A lot of experts say you should use soap and water more than hand sanitizer. Wash your hand s whenever you have the chance and don't use hand sanitizer unless necessary.


                                       In my opinion I think that soap and water is better than hand sanitizer. I think this because hand sanitizer doesn't protect you well against sickness unlike soap and water. I think people will like this topic because they use hand sanitizer and they want to know if it works.


                                        So did you guys like the blog?Do you agree with my opinion?If not then port your comments below. So in conclusion hand sanitizer does work but there are many factors that make it less effective and it can't protect against illness.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Gods in New York!


Trembling Terror Awaits Main Street

Table Of Contents
1.Trembling Terror

2.Heroic Hercules

As the day awaits for the mortals on main street creatures of the dark begin to second guess about humans freedom.Medusa one of the deadliest god in the underworld begins to feel anger in her bones.For, she is upset for the cowardly attack perseus a mortal did. What does this mean for the humans of main street?
‘’I barely survived.’’was the most terrifying day of my life.’’ cried Mrs. Brown. ‘’On May 12,2014 tragic struck main street in New York.The monster Medusa took play in the destruction of the area.She constantly kept killing people with always a dazz of scare.
Medusa constantly killed people with her frightening glare. When people look into her eyes they stop and automatically turn to stone. Will this nightmare ever stop for main street? Does this mark a new beginning or a new end?-Reporter Sally
Heroic Hercules Hops in To Save the Day

It was a fatal disaster for the east high school bus. It was just another regular day for the students until the bus driver got drunk and headed the bus towards the lake. It was the most tragic event for the high school. What will happen to the children?
Everybody was sinking gasping for air. Until a heroic man by the name of hercules to save the day. ‘’He was the strongest man i’ve ever seen in my life.’’ confessed mr.grey the eye witness of this event. Hercules picked up the bus in the deep lake with ease and one arm and lifted the bus out of the lake/
‘’He was my dream boy.’’ Meg a high school student said. What is the secret behind this god’s strength? Have the gods finally on our side?-Reporter Dan

Friday, May 2, 2014

What Is Your Strongest Muscle?


One of life's biggest question is what is your strongest muscle in your body. Is it your rock core powerful biceps? We will answer that big mystery today. This question depends on how you describe or define strength. If you think of strength as what exerts the most force you are looking for the masseter muscle or jaw muscle. This muscle opens and closes your mouth when you eat. According to the Guinness World Records the strongest bite was 975 pounds. Well that is very rare but on a daily basis it can apply 200 pounds of force on molars when you are chewing. If you see strength as what works the hardest it's obviously your heart! This pumps blood throughout your body and continuously nonstop throughout your whole life! No muscle is close to the heart when it comes to hard work. Your soleus right below your calves can pull with the greatest force.This muscle constantly pulls against the force of gravity. Without this you would be floating in the air and will be very unstable. These are probably one of the few strongest muscles in your body.


In my opinion the strongest muscle in your body is your heart. This is because it pumps blood to all the cells in your body and does this until you die. i think that people will like this topic because they have a lot of muscles but want to find out which one is the strongest.


Do you now know which one is the strongest? Do you agree with me that the heart is?     

Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark Hall


                                       Kit, Ruth, Sandy, and Lynda all went to Blackwood for school. The staff members are Madame Duret, Proffesor Farley, Jules, Lucretia, and Natalie. At first it seemed very nice at Blackwood but then Kit and Sandy have been experiencing weird things. Kit and Sandy are the only ones who feel that there is something is wrong with Blackwood. Kit always writes to her parents and mostly her best friend Tracy about how she wants to leave the school. Sandy and Lynda all of a sudden have better talent in poetry for Sandy and painting for Lynda. Ruth and Kit feel weird about this and talk about how it is not possible. Sandy feels it too and took Kit outside of Blackwood to see how it feels outside it's shadow. When they went back in a figure stole the portrait that Lynda her. Kit is also experiencing things like when she woke up and played the piano at night and her fingers were aching. So she tried to got to Madame's office to use her phone with Jules when Jules found documents about the previous girls in the other school. He found out 4 died and the rest went to a mental institution.Then they went to talk to Madame Duret about Blackwood and called everybody down. Madame told her they are using them to carry on the works of the talented people that died early. They were all furious except Lynda who was in her room. They through stuff in the fire as a sign of disrespect which called a huge fire. After a long fight they agreed to take them out of the school with Jules. But they forgot Lynda! Kit went to get her and almost died. Kit told her to jump out the window. Will Kit and Lynda survive?



                                 In my opinion the book was great because it creates a great feeling of suspense and mystery. I recommend you buy this book because it is a book the author uses great vivid detail and always ends the chapter with mystery and suspense.


                                   So are you guys going to buy the book? Do you think that my summary is reasonable? Post your comments below.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Do Your Hands Get Wrinkly In Water?


                                 AH! Nice and refreshing after you take a long bath. Then all of a sudden you start to freak out! Your fingers are wrinkly and look ugly. Well don't worry it happens to everybody when they put their hand in the water for to long. One of life's biggest questions is Why does are fingers wrinkle in water? Today we will talk about why this unusual thing happens. What causes this is when you wash away all the oils on your body then your skin starts to absorb the water. When you take a fast shower you don't take away the oils which is why you don't get wrinkles when you take a quick bath. Don't even try not taking a shower at all! That will not help you! Your toes and fingertips are the only things experiencing it in your body because the outer layer of your hands and feet called the epidermis is different that the other skin in your body.This layer is thick and contains more dead skin cells. These dead cells soak up water like a tornado! The other skin is thinner and less affective. When you have wrinkly fingers they are waterlogged which means they are filled up with water. As the dead skin around your fingers and toes it pulls on the live skin cells beneath it. Basically, your fingers wrinkle when your skin is filled with water and swells.


                                     In my opinion I think that when you have this it looks really ugly. I think this because your hands will look old and disgusting. I think that people will like this topic because many people have wrinkly fingers after a shower and would like to know why it happens.


                                  So do you guys understand the reasons why your fingers wrinkle when you take a long bath? Can you find any other reason in the websites I gave you? Leave your comments below. In summary, your fingers wrinkle in a long bath because when you take a bath for to long it washes the oils on your body off then it absorbs water causing swelling that is wrinkles

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jack Prelutsky


                                    Jack Prelutsky one of the best poets of all time! Today you know him as a famous poetry writer but let's look at him at his early beginnings. Jack Prekutsky is a great person and even had a passion for poetry when he was young. Jack grew up in Brooklyn,New York on September 8,1940. Jack Prelutsky is still alive and is 73.Jack grew up in a working-class neighborhood of Jewish, Italian, and Irish families.Although, Jack loves poetry he also has a taste in music and writing songs. That's shocking right.Jack also likes photography,carpentry, and creating games. I know your wondering well where does Jack get his ideas from EVERYTHING! He writes about everything that he sees and hears. Did you know there was a time in grade school when jack didn't like poetry. He also owns a couple of dogs and a couple of cats.



 Ogrebrag- By Jack Prelutsky
  A callow knight in armor                                                                                                                    Appropriately brave,
  Displayed his lack of wisdom
  And charged into my cave.

  He challenged me to a battle,
  In moments it was through.
  He made a tasty morse
  His horse was tasty too.

                         The theme of this poem is not to be humble. Before you brag about yourself you need to show that you are as good as you said you are. I choose this poem because it has a really good moral that can help you in the future. I do not relate to this poem because I am very humble. I show people that I am able to do stuff then I start bragging and showing off. I think this poet was a very happy person because in most of his poems the mood he is trying to create is happy.


                           This poem is 2 Quatrains put together. This feature makes the poem more exciting because it makes the poem easier to read than a story or paragraph. An example of alliteration is made and morse. This makes the poem better because it keeps the rhythm flowing.  The rhyme scheme is abcb. This other feature makes the poem better because it makes the poem rhyme which makes it more exciting. There is no repetition or personification. Repetition is when a line in the poem is repeated and personification is when you give a non-living thing the ability of a human.


                             I dare you to read Sweet Dreams by Jack Prelutsky. You will find this poem on this website ## Are you good enough to write a three sentence response to this poem?